Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thirty Years Later

Oma bought this in Japan when I was three, and my 4 year old looks smashing in it!

UVU green!

A friend hooked me up with a solid closet door, trimmed it down for me, and I added steel hairpin legs. Along with a wicked coat of pour-on laquer over bright green.  It makes me smile every day!

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Wow, we finally uploaded some pics from Luke's phone.  We had Cristie take this after Christmas. We never could get Anne to look at the camera; she was too enamored of everyone's facial hair!

The Best Day of Dean's Life

We joined the County's Junior Rock Club, and the summer is full of field trips. Last week, Luke took the older two to Silver City, about a 70 minute drive from here. It's past Eureka (Eur-ick-a, in local parlance. It's a drive I found incredibly spooky in its unpopulated-ness.  It's southwest of Payson.)  It's a known pyrite collection site, and the kids had a blast.  They didn't get home till well after 9pm, but they found particularly excellent specimens. 

Porcupine Seeds

The kids loved the Porcupine seeds that Opa sent.  What a harvest!  For a couple nights, Anne slept with hers and kept on calling it her "pinecone" instead of her "porcupine"!

Hiking with Dad

The kids and Luke take off on jaunts up Rock Canyon almost every week.  Here are some of their treasures.

Daddy Daughter Date

The kids love going to Thanksgiving Point.  This time Luke and Laurel went to Farm Country where Laurel went on 5 different pony rides.  Look at the legs on this child!