Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Annual Christmas Tradition

We are partial to Lodgepole pines for our Christmas trees - look at that beautiful bright green!  Their bonus is the baby pinecones lurking inside. 

Knife Skills

Dean volunteered to trim 5 pounds of brussel sprouts (sorry, Opa!) for Thanksgiving.  Come to think of it, he peeled all the carrots and potatoes for tonight's buffalo stew...This kid can cook! 

The youngest reaches a critical milestone

While Dad reads The Hobbit to the older two. (Which incidentally is a delightful book - I think I read it in 9th grade but hadn't yet learned to appreciate fantasy.)

Laurel Loves Pretty Things

My neighbor makes wedding cakes, and although normally she makes her own edible flowers, this bride wanted fresh flowers.  The girls went over to help one afternoon while I stayed home with sick Dean, and Laurel was especially good at bundling wee bouquets and deciding where they should go on the layers.  I am so grateful that she's inherited her grandmothers' decorating/crafting abilities - I never had the patience/desire/native ability to do things like this.

Oma Visit

Thanks, Mom, for knowing how to use a sewing machine!

When Your Mom Won't Let You Play Video Games

I was super impressed with Dean's homemade bow and arrow - especially that arrow!  Look at the close-up!

October General Confernce

We save bingo for a Sunday session (this year we used animal crackers), and the other session was our annul Nebo Loop Drive.  There was snow at the very top!