Saturday, January 18, 2020

No Braces!

More and more bows

He decided to leave this stick au natural, but he did decide to add a nice handle - of velvety tape that he bought at the elementary school's store. He collects odd bits and pieces, like a magpie, but he always has a plan for his detritus.  Also, note the fletching on the arrows. I didn't even know that word, but both Luke and Dean did.  Boy school!


Anne did a ballet/tap combo this fall and was pretty sheepish at her in-class recital.  But she really enjoyed it overall. 

Random December

We went to the annual Gingerbread Festival in Heber (after hitting Swiss Christmas in Midway for their creche exhibit).  We bought a bag of granola from an enterprising 14 year old, and then I had to snap this picture. You see lots of "cute" sayings around, but this one got a huge guffaw!

Also, Luke really is Batman. This scar on the back of his head is awesome!  (From some childhood injury.)

Thanksgiving is the BEST! 2019

We brought all the pies this year to Cristie's, again.  I had to run out and buy a few graham cracker pie shells because some of my pie plates are in storage.  The pretty one on the bottom right is a nutella tart I ordered from my Provo Farmer's Market favorite Italians.  On a whim I grabbed a box of pistachio pudding and dumped it in a pie shell.  Gotta fold it with cool whip next time!

 Here the kids are with the pies they made.  Dean puts dibs on the apple pie every year because it involves lots of knife work!  Laurel did a lemon meringue - it was delicious, although the meringue didn't get as peaky as she wanted.  It's hard to travel with a lemon meringue.  Anne made a chocolate pudding pie (from scratch, of course).  It is a really simple recipe from an old Alabama lady, and it was a sleeper hit last year; Eric requested it again this year.  Too many pies ultimately for our group, but there are worse things!  Isn't Cristie's house adorable?!

Ah, the rolls for our family's 2nd Thanksgiving.  I made them on Monday, froze them, and then on Friday morning set them out to raise and they were delicious!  There are four and a half dozen. Is there anything prettier than a giant ziplock bag of frozen, buttery dough? I included the obligatory Amanda-closed-eye-photo because you can see more of the kitchen. I am going to MISS this kitchen.  The pantry is tucked off to the side and it's huge.  You could fit at least 2 twin mattresses inside!

More Playing Hooky

The Salt Lake Temple closed at the end of 2019, so in November I pulled Laurel out of school for the day to do baptisms up there.  It was amazing and charming and so wonderful!

More Bows

Dean found this stick on a walk and stripped off the bark to make another bow.  He wanted you to see the pattern he made using his pocketknife on the end of the bow.