Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Non-Buzz Haircut for Dean

Red, White, and Blue Breakfast for President's Day

Yes, those are pizzelle with yogurt and a dash of whipped cream.  They were soooo good and the kids oohed and aahed.  I even let Laurel come to the table without brushed hair!  Gold star mom!

Playground Antics

Sleeping in Forts

The kids had been begging for a fort sleepover in the living room.  Mom, Dean's "bed" was underneath my three cute stools.  I couldn't believe he could fit there; I would have been claustrophobic!


I love this photo of Laurel in lotus position by Balanced Rock. 

The hike to Landscape Arch was SNOOOOWWWY AND MUUUUDDDDY!  But oh so awesome!

Luke digs this tree.

Obligatory selfie.

That is me, curled up on a warm rock, soaking in the sun.  Bliss!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Sneaking in a Last Hike Before it got REALLY Snowy!