Sunday, September 17, 2006

Birthday Adventures Part II: An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

So after we recovered from our run in with the dinosaur [See Dinosaur Adventures Part I: The Kayak of Doom], we recovered for a while and then went to this nice Italian restaurant. We went there just as they opened so the staff was still getting ready. It was soon aparent to me that they we were in for a treat because the staff all spoke Napolitano (the language of those who live in Napoli). It was a sound that I didn't expect to find this side of the Atlantic. It was great. At one point two of them were having a heated discussion that involved something about money and the one guy said "Business est' Business, capisc'!?" (meaning business is business, understand!?) it was great, exactly like that scene in the godfather in the Italian restaurant just before Michael kills the police chief where they speak entirely in Siciliano.

Afterward we went home and I got to eat my birthday cake, small but oh so good. Though I may have received some braindamage from the lead fumes of the birthday candle. Oh well!

Birthday Adventures Part 1: The Kayak of Doom

So Amanda had the bestest idea ever for my birthday (for those of you who may have forgotten, I will still accept gifts through Sept. 15th 2007) we went kayaking! Now I know what your thinking, Luke in a kayak?!! [at this point Cristie slaps her knee and laughs so hard she whistles.] Well, first of all, the Charles river is as sedentary as I am. There is no discernible motion and if you don't paddle you pretty much hold still in the water. Second, I rocked! I'm semi-pro already. The real difficulty was that we took a two-person kayak which meant that we had to try to coordinate our paddling...bad idea. We would invariabley start to head either right or left instead of going straight at which time Amanda's reaction was to paddle faster and mine was to complain loudly and insist that we stop paddling long enough to think. This resulted in us running into some tree branches that were hanging over one side of the river. By the end we learned to coordinate by my shouting left right left right, and then when we veered left I say left - left at which point Amanda would start vigorously paddling right. It was a lot o' fun.

Shortly after I steered us into the trees, we noticed this blue dinosaur sitting on another tree over the river. I said "Amanda, look a dinosaur!" Apparently I've cried dinosaur a few too many times in the past because Amanda didn't believe me, but there it was a dinosaur (which Amanda insists was actually a Heron).

P.S. Yes I'm wearing shorts, but don't tell anyone.

We like it here

We really like our apartment. In the photo above you can see the apartment that was our first pick, but we really enjoy our view from this side of the river and from the 14th floor. The weather has been great other than today when it reached that tipping point to where its so humid it feels like my eyeballs are sweating.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Amanda churchin' it up!

Here is Amanda in what must be the most unique the universe! It is located in an old brick factory that is a historic site in Cambridge. They have left all of the original woodwork in place and there is this great window way up high that I like to look out of instead of listening to the talks in sacrament meeting.

Unfortunately it also runs off of the original power source as well - I spent four hours this morning shoveling coal with a bunch of kids from primary. They taught me how to shovel with my legs and not with my back.

New School Outfit

Here I am getting ready for my first big day of school. I've got my cute little new school outfit and backpack on. This one's for you mom!

[Is that excitement or terror in his eyes?]


So here I am at the Kennedy School of Government (cool people just call it the KSG). This is the Taubman building, it has lots of stairs and important people in it. Taubman is the largest of the four main buildings that make up the KSG (yes, that means I'm cool).

Legal Seafoods?

So Amanda's favorite place to eat is this place called Legal Seafoods [insert clever speculation about why its named Legal Seafoods HERE].
They have a great selection of seafood but Amanda's just in it for the shrimp.
(Great clam chowder too, but it doesn't photograph can imagine though)

Welcome to the People's Republic of Cambridge

After a few thousand miles of the open road in a Penske truck, we're here! And best of all we have a bed! No more twin mattresses that we borrowed from the landlords pushed together on the floor for us!