Sunday, September 17, 2006

Birthday Adventures Part II: An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

So after we recovered from our run in with the dinosaur [See Dinosaur Adventures Part I: The Kayak of Doom], we recovered for a while and then went to this nice Italian restaurant. We went there just as they opened so the staff was still getting ready. It was soon aparent to me that they we were in for a treat because the staff all spoke Napolitano (the language of those who live in Napoli). It was a sound that I didn't expect to find this side of the Atlantic. It was great. At one point two of them were having a heated discussion that involved something about money and the one guy said "Business est' Business, capisc'!?" (meaning business is business, understand!?) it was great, exactly like that scene in the godfather in the Italian restaurant just before Michael kills the police chief where they speak entirely in Siciliano.

Afterward we went home and I got to eat my birthday cake, small but oh so good. Though I may have received some braindamage from the lead fumes of the birthday candle. Oh well!


Yogurl & Manburger said...

Yogurl wants to know what kind of cake it is and where you got it. It looks "scrumdidilyumscious."

mikbeth said...

Yeah yeah, us too. I thought "wow, what a neato looking cake-o." Yum and happy dinosaur hunting day for Luke!