Sunday, October 29, 2006

Amanda's B-Day Adventures Part II: The Quest for More Desserts

On Friday we went to this place called upstairs on the square because they are supposed to have a really great birthday cake. It was chocolate with a chocolate frosting but then it had these yellow layers in between. It was incredible, after a few bites I realized what the yellow stuff was; my old friend, butter! There must have been about a cube of butter in each slice of cake, really took me back to my choco-taco days. We went out to eat on Saturday as well and it was a pretty good meal. They delivered the free b-day brownie cobbler and it was mighty good. But Amanda was interested in getting the Cambridge equivalent of a Dairy Queen Blizzard so went and got one of those. At that point we were both mighty full, but Amanda had another gift waiting at home. I ordered a cupcake for her that had butter cream frosting in the shape of a flower. And I decided to get myself a cupcake as well (along with two strips of bacon from the breakfast bar at the grocery store) and I says to the lady at the bakery section "I want the one with the ears." Turns out they are actually supposed to be wings and its a bat but she didn't seem to take offense. High blood sugar levels were enjoyed by all.


mikbeth said...

We thought it was a dog/werewolf ourselves. We don't know where she gets off calling it a bat, but it was surely the weirdest looking cupcake that we've ever seen!! Hooray for a happy Amanda B-Day! Every good day involves a nap (said by the Tammen half of the family).

Yogurl & Manburger said...

Wow, that is the freakiest looking cupcake ever. It's totally a Luke cupcake! I hope it didn't bite when you ate it.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Glad you got to do everything you wanted on your birthday! Love the cupcakes - crack me up!!!