Sunday, November 26, 2006

Adventures in Plymouth Part I: How Amanda Saved Thanksgiving

So in case you hadn't heard the news, we went to where it all began - Plymouth, MA, for Thanksgiving. We took the commuter rail out of south station and it made for a very pleasant trip. We saw lots of cranberry bogs and the sort of creepy New Englandish woods that make you want to hide under a bed.

In our encounters with the taxi-driver, the manager of the Bed and Breakfast where we were staying, and the gals down at the tourist information booth, it soon became apparent that it would not be easy to get to Plimouth Plantation for Thanksgiving Dinner the next day. Everyone also kept talking about how terrible the weather was supposed to be that day and giving us ominous warnings that we shouldn't even go out. If you combine this with the fact that we were a block from the ocean and the creepy woods I mentioned earlier you can see how this would be the beginning to a good H.P. Lovecraft novel. Anyway, that first night we got a bite to eat and saw the Mayflower II (a fully functionally replica of the original Mayflower complete with life-size cardboard cutouts of what people on the Mayflower must have really looked like - wow!). Then we went to bed though I didn't sleep too well on account of the trees, rain, and werewolves...

Dinner with David & Anina

On Tuesday David and Anina were in town and the four of us went out to dinner together. It was great to see David again and reminisce about how crazy things are in Utah - how we miss the wackiness!


After a particularly disappointing practice LSAT test, Amanda surprised me with this chocolate squirrel! It wasn't as entertaining as some of the ones we saw today (there was one who kept doing back flips and landing on his back so he could scratch some terrible itch with all four claws), but it sure was squirrelicious!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Amanda made this incredible pie today, raspberry apple, wow!