Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Well its already been an eventful Christmas season. With finals over I can finally begin to enjoy the little things that make life great, like pandoro, Christmas ties, new quilts and bison jerky! Thanks moms!

Merry Christmas from the Petertammensons!

Death to the LSAT!

So I finally took the LSAT, I would quantify it as the equivalent of 3 and 1/2 in-grown toe nail surgeries. When I got done however Amanda surprised me with this great cake! How did she know I like cake? What a good wife!
I ate part of it before she could get to the camera.

Adventures in Plymouth Part II: The Suspense is Killing You

Well at long last here comes the rest of the story....gotta put myself back in that place.
It was a dark and stormy night. So we went to bed. Then it was a dark and stormy day, but I was hungry so we got out of bed. We decided that we would walk back down and visit with the information booth gals and see if they couldn't give us some pointers on how to get to the plantation. We walked in and one of the two gals walked in right behind us and asked how they could help us. We explained our plight again and she offered to give us a ride! That was great news. The bad news was that we left way before our dinner was supposed to begin because we thought we might have to walk there. So we got to spend 4 hours in the rain, hurray!

Actually it was really cool. They had the 1628 Village with historical reenactor type people historically reenacting what it was like to live in Plimouth. I was frankly impressed, they had the 17th Century English thinking down pretty good says history nerd boy.

After 3 hours of sloshing around, 5 hot chocolates, and two horned cows, we decided to go into the visitor center and wait it out 'til supper-time.

Then we ate, it was pretty good. They had creamed onions which are apparently onions in cream, go figure! We also sat next to nice people who gave us a ride back to the B&B.

By the next morning it was clear and so we decided to go catch the touristy sights. We saw Plymouth Rock, they keep it in a little dungeon so it can't get away, the spot where Native Americans have their day of mourning celebration on Thanksgiving Day each year to mourn the arrival of white folk, and we went to a organic grocery store type place where they had pamphlets for the 12 Tribes Church. They claim to follow the teachings of Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island, who separated from the Puritans because he thought that no one had the authority to perform religious ordinances until God called new apostles and prophets and established his church on the earth again. We're going to give them a Book of Mormon next time we're there.
We also got to see the Plymouth cemetery, it was wicked awesome. The tombstones are exactly like the ones in coloring book pictures of halloween where you have a witch flying over a tombstones that are all pointing in weir directions.

So anyway, that's how Amanda saved Thanksgiving, by taking us to where it all began, and by shooting that werewolf with a silver bullet just as he was about to eat me.