Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy New March!

Howdy everybody! Well after several trips out of state, applying to a dozen law schools and catching up in courses just in time for midterms, I'm ready to start the new year. And as my first New Year's resolution I figured I'd updateify the blog.
After an excellent Christmas visit with the Tammen branch of the Petertammenson's that entailed target shooting, the purchase of a 100% polyester tie for $2.50, and a trip to an Indian Buffet, we made it back to Bostonia just in time to turn around and head out to the Big Easy (though we did have a second little Christmas of our own).
We visited with Mike, Biz, and Queen Lydia. We had a great time there and the coolest part was a visit to a state park in the bayou. You walk out behing the visitors center and on to a little walkway that's raised about fifteen feet above the water and has a good sturdy guardrail. When I saw that I thought to myself "self, this doesn't look so bad and that guardrail should be enough to keep back any velociraptors." Apparently, however, they ran out of funds for little perks like guardrails after the first twenty feet and the walkway descended until it was about a foot above the water level. At this point I thought to myself "self, they had a lot more security measures than this in Jurassic Park, and we all know how that turned out." It was by far the spookiest place I've ever been to and my favorite part was when Biz insisted that we not go into the visitor's center first because they might send a guide along with us to make sure we didn't get ourselves ate by a gator. Luckily the gator path was already partially closed off because somebody had lost a leg or somethin' to one of those glassy eyed dinosaurs. We saw two snakes one of them was very small, the other was purple with grey diamonds and a yellow mouth and probably enough venom to kill disco if it weren't already dead. Amanda only threw raisins at one of them.

We had a great time visiting, and had a lot of fun with Lydia. At one point we did have a run in with an alligator that nearly took my hand off which Lydia found pretty darned funny. She decided to show off after that.

Thanks to Amanda's super cool job, she actually got an all expenses paid trip to New Haven to attend a conference at Yale Law School. I came along of course, for protection. We ate Indian food there, too! Yale is very different from Harvard. Harvard is very red-brick and English feeling while Yale has more continental gothic feel that gives it a "wow, this is fancy!" sort of appearance. It really was striking, and because its in a smaller city it really seemed larger than Harvard even though its smaller. That's right it's smaller, take that Yalies!

Anyway, we also had a great Valentine's day. I got Amanda flowers and she got me a cake, do we know each other well, or what??

Then this last weekend we went to Washington D.C. to visit our nation's capital (which Amanda had never seen) and to see the town where Marion Barry used to be mayor, wow! We got to eat in the Senate Cafeteria (they had some great eats, but Amanda said if America wants to get serious about nutrition they should start by getting rid of the 80 grams of fat per square inch formula that guides the buffet selection there) and we also saw the Supreme Court and walked the mall where we visited all the war memorials and the Lincoln Memorial.

Subplot: The Squirrel Whisperer

On our way to the Vietnam Memorial we spotted a squirrel busy at work. Amanda did her squirrel call which usually gives squirrels in our neighborhood a moment of pause to twitch their tails nervously and then they run off. But this D.C. squirrel paused, stood up and then ran over to Amanda. He stood up again and seemed to be pleading for food Oliver Twist style. He definitely wasn't one of the bitter Northeastern squirrels that we are used to.

We also got to eat at my old place of employment, Potbelly's Sandwhich Works where I used to make shakes, run the cash register, and be accused of being a coke addict on account of my shakey hands when the line of customers got too long and/or demanding.
The Next day we went to Arlington Cemetery, my favorite spot, and got to watch the changing of the guard and a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Amanda really enjoyed that part. Here favorite activity of the whole weekend was, however, when we went to some cake place that was started by a Harvard Law School graduate who worked at the Department of Justice until he decided his real calling was so many have done before him. The cake was good, very slow service.

So that's about it, winter is still going strong here in the frigid Northeast, and we're still having fun. Well, enjoy the blog and you can look forward to another entry within the next 3 to 24 months!