Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pre-Easter Chocolate

Well I had a funtastic surgery and spent most of spring break moping about the house watching movies and avoiding homework, but we did get downtown on Wednesday. We had a not so great lunch, but then we patrolled the Northend (little Italy) for desserts and stuff. We love it down there, the people you see really fulfill every Italian-American stereotype you can imagine. We walked past one corner where a guy in a tan suit with a tan tie, tan shirt, and tan shoes was talking with some people in front of a gold cadillac SUV. Then another guy with slicked back grey hair in a grey velor sweatsuit walked by as the two men, apparently named Gerry and Angelo exchanged mafioso pleasentries.

After we got desserts we were walking along and saw a bunch of people in chef's hats harassing people. When we got to them we discovered they were passing out lindt chocolate bunnies. Then Amanda spotted the lindt chocolate bunny-mobile which struck me as a crappy poor man's batmobile.

Despite all the great Italian goodies, all Amanda really wanted was a McDonald's style gum-based ice cream cone...gross!

We enjoyed a great general conference the past two days and topped it off with a trial run chocolate lamb cake in preparation for next weeks festivities. Best lamb I ever ate!