Sunday, June 24, 2007

Baby Petertammenson

Well, at long last, here comes some photos. As you can see, Baby Petertammenson is growing! The first photo shows Amanda several weeks ago when she looked "so pregnant" but nobody else could tell. The second photo we took today and now its definitely clear that there is a small Petertammenson on the way. Young Miss Petertammenson likes to do a lot of kicks and somersaults inside Amanda. Anyway, up until this week I just had to take Amanda's word for it. But then Baby Petertammenson was feeling particularly feisty one evening and I got to feel a particularly sharp, powerful kick - it was awesome!! That kid's already more athletic than I am.

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mikbeth said...

Yippee for a little growing Petertammenson! Amanda, You look so happy and beuatifully pregnant! Aren't the aerobic workouts on your innards fun? Especially when trying to go to sleep!