Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ipswitch Rocks!

So a couple-few weeks ago we went to Ipswitch. To most folk this don't mean much, but for fans of the world's greatest horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft, its a very important spot. Lovecraft wrote horror novels and short stories in the 20s and 30s and is considered the father of the modern horror novel. My dad read one of his stories when he was ten years old which terrified him, and ever since we found that out Eric and I have had an unhealthy fascination with his writings. Anyway, Lovecraft set all of his stories in the Northeast, primarily in Essex County, MA where Ipswitch is located.
So I was really excited to go, especially since it was a particularly foggy and creepy looking day when we went. Ipswitch has changed a lot since Lovecraft's time (fewer crumbling buildings, more cutesy tourist shops) but it was still pretty darn creepy in places.
The countryside in this area of the country is divided by long low rock walls that seem to be held to held together without any sort of mortar - each rock is perfectly fitted together, it was really impressive to study them up close.
While we were there we went to the beach. We got there and the beach was on the other side of this little hill. Once we got to the top of the hill I wanted to yell at everybody to get out of the water before they got themselves ate - it looked exactly like the beach in Jaws. I don't know if the photos quite captured it, but it was my first experience with a beach in New England and apparently this is what they look like. So I only went about a foot out into the water.
All and all it was a good trip, no run-ins with Cthulhu, but maybe next trip.

P.S. The reason why Amanda looks like a beach-goer from Victorian England is because we didn't know we would be going to the beach.

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mikbeth said...

We're glad you weren't eaten by sharks.