Sunday, June 24, 2007

St. Louis Trip

Amanda making a rare appearance: over Mother's Day all my family met in St. Louis for a Bechtold family reunion/happy birthday to Grandma Bechtold. We drove through Freeburg, Illinois - which ever since I was 6 months old I knew as the home of "Punky" - otherwise known as Daddy's mom. We stopped by her old home which she had shared with two older women and lo and behold, 12 years after Punky's passing, is still inhabited by dear old Margie - a woman I have known since I was small and always associated with Punky. We spent a few minutes on her porch and her manicured lawn, enjoying childhood memories! That and seeing my sisters and brothers-in-law was the highlight of my trip! Thanks to Momma and Daddy for making it possible!

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