Sunday, June 24, 2007

Things we've received

Finally, we've got some great stuff lately. Mamma Cristie sent a cool blanket for young Miss Tammenpeterson. Its really nice and if that baby didn't have such a powerful kick I'd probably try to steal it. Amanda loves the yellow and green color scheme.

We had some friends over the other day, and my one amigo Brian Shullenstein is quite the wiz with making paper cranes. I challenged him to turn his napkin into one and he did not disappoint.

The other day we went into this little convenience store where they usually have the sort of cheap Little Debbie's style goodies that really make life swell. Anyway, we went in there and they had Drake's Coffee Cakes - not the junior, the full size. If there's one great thing about living on the east coast, its being able to fully understand old episodes of Seinfeld. It was an excellent coffee cake, but I think the kind they have out West are better.

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Heather said...

That guy in the last picture sure looks like a handsome fellow, and talented too!