Sunday, July 08, 2007

Anniversary Adventures Part I: Pizza, in a Barn!?

So the Amandina and I celebrated our anniversary recently - go us! We went to the White Mountain region of New Hampshire. How did we know when we were in NH, you ask? As soon as drivers stopped honking and cursing each other we knew we were safely away from Boston. But we knew we were in NH when we saw a dude in a flannel shirt driving a pick up truck. That, and the big sign that said "Welcome to New Hampshire."

They have these great signs along the highway that say:

Drive Courteous,
That's The New Hampshire Way!

And it was true! Little driving mistakes that would have earned me death threats from other drivers (and even pedestrians) in Boston, just made people smile at you even more. Its amazing that MA and NH can coexist side by side.

Anywho, we stayed at a cool B&B (that's hip yuppie lingo for a Bed & Breakfast). It was located on 15 acres of nothing but trees, also a pleasant respite from the urban jungle.
The first night we were there we went to this fancyish restaurant and on the way we noticed a lot of vintage cars. Turns out there was a classic car show in the area. Well, anyways, at the restaurant that we went to there was this 1948 Buick out in front and it was awesome. Amandina was very excited.

The next day we went to lunch at this irish pub place and we sat on the balcony which had a really great view.

Unfortunately a duck tried to attack Amanda while I was taking the photo!

Watch out Amanda!

Then, that evening we were so stuffed with pub food, that we had difficulty deciding on where to eat dinner. We drove all over the place and we almost stopped and ate at the Pizza Barn. That's right, the one you've all heard so much about. The pizza didn't look half bad, but I just couldn't bring myself to eat pizza in a barn, I decided it would be an offense to 80 million Italians.

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