Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Wayback Machine

Ok, so these posts aren't in perfect chronological order because I just found a bunch of photos that we took a while ago that we still haven't posted.

America Day

We had a great 4th of July though definitely not as exciting as Eric's America Day experience. Boston has one of the fancier July 4th fireworks celebrations in the country, and we decided to take in the show...from the safety of our balcony two miles away. Amanda doesn't like loud noises, and bright things very much, so that was about as much excitement as she could handle. Adventurous types were going down the river all day in boats so that they could get as close as humanly possible to the action. They had lots of fireworks that when they detonated formed into all kinds of strange things that I'd never seen before - three dimensional cubes, smiley faces, numbers, scenes From Gone with the Wind - Seriously all of those, except for the last one I think.


So my sister Jill got sealed to my bro-in-law Steve (the one who looks like a well groomed Saddam Hussein). It was a terrific event at our favoritist temple. Amanda and I had this photo taken in our favorite spot on the temple grounds. And yes, that is the Sanpete County Fair in the background!!