Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

My sisters and I are devotees and 3rd generation participants in the Bechtold family tradition of making lamb cakes for Easter. Okay, so it's possible that my lamb cake really resembles a puppy, but I ran out of time to do a more artistic job on the frosting. Sure didn't lack in taste though! Laurel was a fabulous distraction in church on Sunday. Something about smocked dresses makes her turn into a gurgling, cooing fool. Adorable!

Getting out of Town

Last Saturday we took the Zipcar to Old Sturbridge Village, about an hour west of Boston. It showcases what a historical New England village would have been like. The impetus for the trip was their Maple Sugar Days - highlighted by the fact that they were offering a pancake buffet (regular pancakes/blueberry pancakes/chocolate chip pancakes/M & M pancakes) for breakfast. (Luke chose to get some pancakes with his whipped cream) Yum! Although it professes to be spring, you'll note how bundled up I am. I was wishing I had worn my long underwear. The best thing about our visit was the newborn baby lamb - Luke was stunned at how similar the following Easter Sunday's lamb cake was to the live baby we had seen. "Hey, they lie down in exactly the same way!" Those gals at Wilton must have really done their research!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bouncing Baby

What a Fox!

We Just Cannot Get Bored

So this is A posting for the first time; we think Laurel is just the most fascinating child! She is definitely ready to start solid foods. I was eating lunch (Luke's chicken noodle soup - fabulous and almost as good as Momma Cristie's version!) and as I raised the spoon to my mouth Laurel would open her mouth too - then once I took my bite, she would start kicking energetically and say "Huh". We'll start some rice cereal this week.
These are recent pics of Laurel and her newest toys - who knew blankets could be so much fun!?