Saturday, March 29, 2008

Getting out of Town

Last Saturday we took the Zipcar to Old Sturbridge Village, about an hour west of Boston. It showcases what a historical New England village would have been like. The impetus for the trip was their Maple Sugar Days - highlighted by the fact that they were offering a pancake buffet (regular pancakes/blueberry pancakes/chocolate chip pancakes/M & M pancakes) for breakfast. (Luke chose to get some pancakes with his whipped cream) Yum! Although it professes to be spring, you'll note how bundled up I am. I was wishing I had worn my long underwear. The best thing about our visit was the newborn baby lamb - Luke was stunned at how similar the following Easter Sunday's lamb cake was to the live baby we had seen. "Hey, they lie down in exactly the same way!" Those gals at Wilton must have really done their research!

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alindblad said...

Loved your blog - and so glad you enjoyed your trip to Old Sturbridge Village. I work with OSV - mind if I ask how you heard about Maple Days?
Best regards,
Ann Lindblad