Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cambridge Wai'ki'ki

This is Luke's affectionate term for what happens when the weather cracks 60 degrees in our fair town. Girls, on the other side of the guardrail is the walking path that runs for miles along the Charles (and is directly across the street from us) and that is my favorite outdoor exercise - this and its location right on the Charles will be what I will miss most when leaving. The building in the background is the Harvard Boathouse from whence I unloaded my shell for sculling.

Friday Date-Day

Luke and I had pressing homework concerns last week, so we opted for date-day instead of date-night. Plus, it finally reached 70 degrees around here and spring fever was riding high! It was my week for choosing our date activity so I opted for the *free* Harvard v. Yale Tennis Match. What a riot! The crowd was definitely much more demure than at any other sporting event we've attended. From the home team fans, "Go H!" "Go Crimson!" "Go 'Ahvah!" Apparently Southerners aren't the only people who lose their consonants!
And from the Yale fans, "Go Bulldogs!" (Man, those are some pretty preppy looking bulldogs!) "Go Yale!" and "Go Lux!" Lux? Yes, that's right, that's what I heard and that's what they said. We get together for dinner with our LDS neighbors downstairs (we trade off cooking once a week) and he's a Harvard undergrad so I peppered him to translate for us. Apparently, those in the know, well, know that Harvard's motto is "Veritas" (Truth) and Yale's is Lux (Light). Ah, the lingo of the Ivy League. And yes, that's how the Ivy League gets its name - from their sports league. Strange little universe.

This is Luke: The best part of the whole trip was the Tennis Center itself. Most facilities on campus bear the name of some illustrious benefactor who spent his fortune to buy a gate or lavatory to support underprivileged Harvard undergrads for generations to come. But the Tennis Center is perhaps the most aptly named of the all - a shiny new penny to the first lad who gets the joke and another to the one who figures out how I photoshopped it!

Toes are the tastiest part of all!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Laurel only this week began touching our faces - we love it - except when she sticks her fingers in our noses! She finds Daddy's scruff fascinating.

Post-Bath Pompadours

Dinner with the Elders

Rubber chicken, anyone? (This is our favorite missionary - an apprentice mechanic from rural Canada who bemoans the lack of red meat served by ward members.)

Aunt Patty's Quilt

Oma brought back a surprise for Laurel from St. Louis. Additionally, Laurel is busy these days blowing bubbles and smiling with her tongue out. Our puppy-kitty is adorable!