Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cambridge Wai'ki'ki

This is Luke's affectionate term for what happens when the weather cracks 60 degrees in our fair town. Girls, on the other side of the guardrail is the walking path that runs for miles along the Charles (and is directly across the street from us) and that is my favorite outdoor exercise - this and its location right on the Charles will be what I will miss most when leaving. The building in the background is the Harvard Boathouse from whence I unloaded my shell for sculling.


Cheryl and William said...

Hahaha! So true! It is hilarious about how the weather draws everyone outside. I also call an area the "BU Beach" because it is the grassy area behind BU right by Storrow Drive that just has tons of sunbathers as well

Heather said...

Wow, I really miss that. We're about a mile from the beach now so I can't complain, but I loved looking out from our balcony over the river. Enjoy spring--it's the best 3 weeks of the year!