Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Visit!

L & P came to visit! Lucky us! We somehow only got a picture of my sister though. Laurel so loved hanging out with her aunt and uncle - we think that she's going to be pretty bored with just us - good thing Grandma is coming to visit in just a few days!

Another Dream Come True

Now Luke has been to two out of the three towns which H.P. Lovecraft used in his fiction. When Laura and Patrick came into town, we drove to Rockport (aka Innsmouth) on the North Shore. Lovecraft prominently features Rockport's dueling churches in his fiction - here is Luke with one of them.
We also visited Halibut Point State Park, which features a water-filled former granite quarry and a view that on a clear day shows both New Hampshire and Maine.

Dream Come True

Since 2nd grade, I have loved the book "Little Women". I reread it this summer and still maintain it is one of the most romantic books ever written. As one of our last jaunts before leaving, Luke kindly agreed to chauffeaur me to Concord so that I could visit Orchard House, where Louise May Alcott and her family lived when she was an adult. It was seriously almost a religious experience for me! Here's a picture of two little women. (No, I am not that bulky - my jacket pockets were just filled with gloves and baby accessories - May in New England and it was frigid!)
The top picture is of Fruitlands, Bronson Alcott's failed experiment at a communal, Utopian society. (vegetarianism in the 1800s = bad idea!). The original home is the red building at the back. It's located off a ridge in Harvard, MA. Isn't it a gorgeous view?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Family Photos

So I've been feeling guilty for not having any proper family photos taken since - oh, before we were officially a family (engagement photos). However, our upcoming 4 year anniversary, departing Cambridge, and the addition of a bundle of joy has made me anxious to get something down digitally. God does hear unspoken prayers, because it turns out that my V.T. is an excellent photographer ( and gave us a great deal on a sitting fee. I'm still trying to figure out which one is my favorite.

Laurel's first playground experience.

So having a baby has certainly put me more in touch with my silly side. And Luke and I both agree that having a child gives one an excuse to do all kinds of crazy things that adults aren't "supposed" to do - like hang out at playgrounds!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Our trip to Payson

Well, the Payson section of Belmont, Massachusetts, that is. The beautiful church is the Payson Park Church - United Church of Christ.

Just for Cheryl

Courtesy of Belmont, Massachusetts

Squash-y Faced Baby

Yes, this is Laurel's first taste of squash.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Donuts in Massachusetts

So I LOVE donuts! Love them! (Some of you will remember that Momma arrived at the hospital the Monday after Laurel was born - and the day after my birthday - with a box of cake donuts from my favorite donut shop in Ohio - what a great mother!) And MA is full of Dunkin' Donuts chains and they are some BAD donuts. I heard from the missionaries that the elders in Belmont rave about Linda's Donuts. In a matter of a few short weeks we had rented a Zip Car and were feasting on their fare. Not bad at all! Their cake donuts are spectacularly fluffy and the raised donuts are light as air. You can tell that we sampled just a few...And their egg/sausage/cheese breakfast sandwich is divine.

Belated Gift

One of my Cambridge friends has begun quilting and apologized for being overdue with Laurel's baby present - but can you imagine apologizing for such a lovely gift?

A Proper Chubby Six-month old

Still Eating Those Toes

Fortunately, her cradle cap is almost completely gone, so you'll see far fewer of these pictures with her head shellacked with olive oil.

Pescatore Seafood

Luke and I finally made it to the restaurant where we planned to have my early birthday dinner on Saturday, October 27th...however, I was in labor with this cute girl. We were so engrossed with our lunch that we barely avoided an accident - fortunately none of our excellent food made its way off the table! ( We highly recommend this hidden gem in Somerville, Massachusetts. The owner, Anna, is from south of Naples and makes excellent homemade fusilli, works wonders with seafood, and fashions divine sorbets - when we were there we had honeydew with a hint of mascarpone. However, the real revelation was her ricotta pie. Yes, that might sound boring - but it's not! A hazelnut crust on top and bottom, with a filling of ricotta infused with pear. Good heavens!)

Striped Socks Series

Laurel loves these socks! (Gap brand baby socks are the only ones that stay on her feet for longer than 5 minutes.)

Goofy Baby Girl