Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dream Come True

Since 2nd grade, I have loved the book "Little Women". I reread it this summer and still maintain it is one of the most romantic books ever written. As one of our last jaunts before leaving, Luke kindly agreed to chauffeaur me to Concord so that I could visit Orchard House, where Louise May Alcott and her family lived when she was an adult. It was seriously almost a religious experience for me! Here's a picture of two little women. (No, I am not that bulky - my jacket pockets were just filled with gloves and baby accessories - May in New England and it was frigid!)
The top picture is of Fruitlands, Bronson Alcott's failed experiment at a communal, Utopian society. (vegetarianism in the 1800s = bad idea!). The original home is the red building at the back. It's located off a ridge in Harvard, MA. Isn't it a gorgeous view?


Cheryl and William said...

It truly is so amazing to be there in person after loving and reading the books- did you make it to the Waysides house down the street? I LOVED that house in that she wrote the book in there as well as Nathaniel Hawthorne living there. SUCH fun things to do there- I'm glad that you were able to enjoy them!

Heather said...

I love the Orchard House too! I can't believe I never saw Fruitlands--I worked in Harvard for a whole summer. Doesn't it just take you back to all those happy childhood memories of reading your favorite books?