Friday, May 02, 2008

Pescatore Seafood

Luke and I finally made it to the restaurant where we planned to have my early birthday dinner on Saturday, October 27th...however, I was in labor with this cute girl. We were so engrossed with our lunch that we barely avoided an accident - fortunately none of our excellent food made its way off the table! ( We highly recommend this hidden gem in Somerville, Massachusetts. The owner, Anna, is from south of Naples and makes excellent homemade fusilli, works wonders with seafood, and fashions divine sorbets - when we were there we had honeydew with a hint of mascarpone. However, the real revelation was her ricotta pie. Yes, that might sound boring - but it's not! A hazelnut crust on top and bottom, with a filling of ricotta infused with pear. Good heavens!)

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