Friday, June 20, 2008

Davenport or bust - or should I say, Davenport or flood

We arrived in town an hour before a massive storm hit - as we were driving through Moline on the way to the Mississippi, we literally saw a funnel cloud forming - possibly the eeriest sight of our lives. Although it wasn't the most auspicious start to Luke's first Midwest Adventure, we have since begun to really enjoy the town. On Father's Day we took a walk onto the Skywalk to witness the impact on downtown. Fortunately, the city has an award-winning downtown design that minimizes damage. Needless to say, we are VERY glad that we live in a hill.

Heading West

We were so happy to crash at Oma and Opa's house before beginning the drive in a passenger car to Iowa. It was incredibly liberating to know that our belongings were being shipped to Texas. In the taxi, on our way to the airport, to bid farewell to Boston for who knows how long - I was convinced that I had left something behind - which was impossible, because everything was either packed in a pod, in our suitcase, or had been given away. A strange feeling to leave one's home of 2 years with just ourselves and as little luggage as we could get away with for two months.
This is a picture of Laurel at a rest stop in IL - aren't the colors wonderful? I didn't edit this photo at all!


Doesn't Luke look creepy with the hood on? Granted, they don't wear it like that any more, but back in the day in the universities in England they sure did. Graduation, as usual at Harvard, dawned drizzly and chilly. We started the day with Laurel in a graduation-appropriate spring dress with a sweater and tights, but the temperature refused to budge so she ended the ceremonies in a warmer pantsuit - with her favorite striped socks!
The more private diploma ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Park (under a tent) was lovely - hearing the pomp and circumstance and seeing Luke marching with his classmates brought me to tears. This leg of our life together has certainly not been the easiest - we've felt buffeted about psychologically, physically, and emotionally. I'm so proud of Luke for this masterful accomplishment. Regardless of the challenges, we came together as a team to get us both through our graduate coursework and through new parenthood. Working hard for the sake of our little family was the best incentive of all.
Also a picture of the ceremonies in Harvard Yard (which all graduates - be they undergraduates or graduate students - attended). The gentlemen in top hats and tails are members of the Commencement Committee. Qualifying for which probably entails a very large donation to the University's endowment.
J.K. Rowling spoke at graduation, and we ran into her the next day during a late lunch at Luke's favorite Italian restaurant in the North End. Small world!

Luke's Family's Visit

Laurel in one of my favorite outfits, a picture of Uncle Trash eating an oyster (yuck!), and Luke in front of an insane asylum that figures prominently in H.P. Lovecraft's fiction - except that it was recently turned into fancy schmancy condos. Creepy karma running around that place, for sure!

Homemade Pasta

Inspired by adventures with L & P looking for good Italian, I finally made some homemade noodles...after they had already left town. Sorry guys - I owe you!