Monday, July 28, 2008

9 Month Check-up

Laurel is 28.25 inches long (a bit longer than average) and weighs 17 pounds, 10 ounces (average). At today's appointment, she needed a CBC and a lead screening - and drawing blood is arguably more traumatic than getting shots. However, the phlebotomists were superb and Laurel didn't cry at all! However, I was getting a bit green around the gills watching her poor little O+ blood pouring into different vials. Brave little girl!

It must run in the family...

When he was small, Luke could be goaded into good-behavior by snacking on a pickle. Guess Laurel digs pickle spears equally well!

Davenport Dad

BIX Weekend

Davenport hosts a few different fun runs during the annual BIX weekend; we were planning on signing up for the 2 mile dash (Luke was even more interested in this than I was), but the $35 registration fee...we decided it would be more fun to spend the monies on other things - like fancy schmancy products for my new haircut! This is us at the Figge Art Museum which had free admission over the weekend. Course, you cannot take pics of the art, so alas this is just us in the exciting lobby...

You Mailed What??

We were shocked to come home one afternoon and find a fully inflated beach ball at our door - with a priority postage stamp on it - mailed from Grandma in Utah. When I took it to swimming lessons, the other moms thought it was the coolest thing. I have since learned that one can send a multitude of things via the U.S. Postal Service, including a hard hat. The only frustration that Laurel has with it is that it doesn't quite fit in her mouth.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summertime and the living is easy!

Yes, Laurel's outfit is a bit matchy-matchy, but I was thrilled to find a swim outfit with more coverage than just a regular swim suit - her skin burns fairly quickly. She really enjoys the water - and enjoys watching the other kids in the class even more! It was strange to be on the "mom" end of the mom and me swim class - I swear it was just yesterday when my littlest sister was attending this class with MY mom! Life goes way too fast!

Laurel teething...

Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town....

We were dying for some big city excitement - and conveniently, some fabulous Peabody Terrace alums live in the Windy City. Thus, we packed our bags for a whistle stop tour of Illinois via Amtrak. I am on the verge of admitting that Chicago's downtown might possibly be cooler than San Francisco's. Luke is sure that it is - anyone recognize Wayne Towers from the Batman movies? Their central green space is chock full of awesome modern art - and Chicago style deep dish pizza didn't disappoint. Thanks to H and B - and little T - for a wonderful day!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Fourth of July

Wow, we really had to get out of town for the 4th. But we didn't want to spend much time on the road, so the logical choice was Iowa City: home of the University of Iowa with a bustling downtown that begged for lots of walks with Laurel in the stroller. It was great to be pedestrians again - I am decidedly out of shape taking the car everywhere these days! The first photo is of the original state house before it was moved to Des Moines - and I just liked this tree on campus.
We had a great picnic at the Amana Colonies (a former German religious settlement) and then ended the 4th with a bang at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. What a man! He received a bad rap for being president in 1929, but he was an amazing humanitarian - he started the organization that became CARE and his wife is credited with starting the Girl Scout Cookie fundraising drive. (Yum, Samoas....) That's us in front of a recreation of his suite at the Waldorf and Luke on a fishing trip with the great man himself.

Happy Four Year Anniversary

Boston cornered the market on most cuisines, except I couldn't find a decent Mexican restaurant to save my life and I certainly experienced withdrawals (good thing we're moving to Texas, huh?). But fortunately Davenport has a gem of a Mexican restaurant hiding in a strip mall. I generally don't eat the beans and rice sides because, really, how good are they normally? Well, their rice was the most toothsome creation - what a fiesta!

Family Visit

It was fabulous to have kinfolk drive up to visit me! Laurel's cousin, Isaac, is 3 weeks older, and they are just as cute as two peas in a pod!
We have a friend who grew up in Davenport and recommended a local pizza joint. When I did an informal poll of customers, the taco pizza came highly recommended. This is something that no one in my family had tried. It was purported to come covered in tortilla chips...well, I suppose Doritos is a type of tortilla chip. The only thing missing from this perfect PMS food was a bottle of ranch for drizzling.