Thursday, August 07, 2008


Laurel said her first full official word on the 31st: "Dad"! It was adorable. She loves her daddy so much - she's always thrilled when he comes home from work and she can spend time with him - after all, he's an awful lot of fun!
She loves to stand up and can get back down by herself too - and she now opens cabinets and pulls out pots and pans and unrolls the toilet paper and flushes the toilet. Egads! We'll have to babyproof our next place. Her most recent trick is that she's insulted that we're feeding her "baby" food; we've had to graduate to using an adult spoon and adding chopped foods to her diet. We're getting ready to take a trip and I just put Cheerios in a container for her. !!! I'm turning into such a mom!
On Sundays, we like to take walks around local college campuses. (Kinda weird, I know.) But they feel safer than our regentrifying neighborhood. These are pictures taken at Augustana College, a private liberal arts school in Rock Island, IL.

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