Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cuddles from Mom

The bonus of pulling Laurel's hair back in a barrette is that I can see more of my adorable baby's face - but Laurel no longer lets her barrettes stay put. She doesn't merely pull them out, she pulls them out and puts them in her mouth. Luke was watching Laurel during the third hour of church on Sunday while I was with the Young Women (new church calling), and after giving her a bottle, she fell asleep in his arms (lucky dad!!), but then started choking and she spit out her barrette. Somehow she had snuck her barrette in her mouth, drank an entire bottle, and then fell asleep with it in there! And today on a shopping trip to our local fabulous Goodwill store, I peeked at her in the stroller and she was chomping away at another one. Thus, no more barrettes for this little girl - we're unfortunately going to embrace the hair-hanging-halfway-in-one's-eyes look. Sigh.

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