Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy 28th!

We started the festivities early with a birthday dinner for Luke on Sunday. His annual birthday present from me: a spinach lasagna with a bechamel sauce which I only make once a year, and a cake-from-scratch of his choice. I love to bake a good cake, but find few reasons to do so, so I'm loving the birthdays in our family. They aren't the best looking cakes in the world, but they are yummy. This was one amazing German chocolate filling: not sweetened condensed milk, not corn syrup, but a custard of butter/egg yolks/sugar/heavy cream stirred constantly on the stove for half an hour until a thermometer reached 180 degrees, finished with a stir-in of pecans and coconut. Good merciful heavens yummy. We celebrated today with some bona fide Texas gelato (thank you Whole Foods). Check out that yummy pint-size container: half hazelnut and half chocolate. Wow!


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Amanda you do everything in style, but is that a Texas-sized gold belt buckle?!

Do send us the recipe for the cake - if you're willing.

Happy birthday Luke!

Sarah said...

buon compleanno!

How is our favorite American-Italian on his birthday? We sure miss you guys. I was reading old posts of yours and I think I might have read my all-time favorite post about you bringing home food for Amanda in a pitcher! Now there's a thoughtful and resourceful husband. I miss having interesting conversations with you guys and your clever wit too. We made some pasta tonight and we tried to make it 'al-dente' and not 'al-squato' or however you spell it. See? Great memories with you.

Happy Birthday from the Homers

Eric & Sarah

Paige said...

Hi Tammenpetersons! I'm so happy to discover your blog -- Laurel is so big and still adorable and I love seeing pictures of her. We miss you here in Cambridge.