Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Week

What a week! Mon-Weds we were convinced that Laurel was teething - she was absolutely inconsolable, always had her fingers in her mouth, ran a fever, and needed to be held constantly. (Which was an absolute pleasure - she's so independent these days that time for cuddling is a rarity.) However, we were worried that something else might be wrong, so I snagged the last appointment of the day at her pediatrician's Wednesday afternoon and sure enough: the croup, an ear infection, but no sign of teeth! She's still quite uncomfortable and I've been getting up with her at night every 2-3 hours. That's been a bit rough on everyone.
In other news, we had the missionaries over for dinner this week, and after teaching a YW lesson on marriage standards this past Sunday, I was craving a white layer cake. (The missionaries didn't get the connection between weddings and the stereotypical white cake - guess they're boys!) It was a from scratch half pound of butter, all cake flour recipe and it was luscious with its buttercream frosting. Luke's evaluation was that it was "pretty good". "Pretty good! What do you mean pretty good?" I had forgotten that unless there's chocolate somewhere in there, Luke thinks that cake is pretty bland. I had to remember that in spite of Luke's increduility, that is my response to his seemingly favorite Mexican food. "Sure, I suppose that enchiladas are pretty good" - but they just aren't something that I find appealing, no matter how good they are.
Also, this week was Austin City Limit's music festival. We started date night a bit late because Luke went to the David Byrne (formerly of the Talking Heads) concert. Conveniently, the hike and bike trail (steps from our apartment) skirts the festival venue, and the stage where David performed was right along the trail. Luke and about 50 other people hung out at the edge of the trail along the festival's fence [Luke's note: I have no idea what the average paying David Byrne concert-goer is like, but the mooching hippies that hang out on the fence are a rough crowd - lucky I didn't get stabbed with a shiv], facing one of the Jumbotron's, rocking out [Luke note: My idea of rocking out is not frowning when other people rock out, that's as much as I can loosen up] (and closer to the stage than most of those with tickets) and saving the $80 entrance fee [Luke note: some people call this stealing, I call it year 3 of 8 of grad school]. What a frugal husband!


mikbeth said...

I'm so glad Luke was able to let his hair down and rock out. And a white layer cake! YUM!! I made butterscotch chip cookies lastnight.

Jill said...

I am SO jealous! I love David Byrne. That must have been an awesome experience! Glad you could smile and that you weren't hurt!