Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reading with Dad

Oh, isn't she getting chubby??!! She's expending so much more energy being mobile, I thought she'd slim down, but she is just becoming much more solid - maybe all that new baby muscle? To all you moms, I highly recommend the book "The Seven Silly Eaters"; Laurel doesn't yet have quite the attention span for it, but it's a great read for mom and dad. Also, see that big stuffed animal in the background? Well, for some reason I was never a fan of those "bigger than life" stuffed animals - maybe they reminded me of the teenage boy trying to impress his gal by winning an overstuffed teddy bear for her from the carnival con-man. But that's the penance paid for subjecting both Luke and Laurel to a 4-hour Ikea shopping trip shortly after our move to Austin. Both were getting a bit fussy until we walked through the kids section - Laurel loved this pup and Luke loved teasing her with it - it's why we all got out of the store still on speaking terms! It served dual purposes - a plaything for Laurel and a soft cushion for the bottom of the shopping cart when Laurel became restless and wanted to get out of the shopping cart kiddie straps. Happy baby + happy husband = excellent return on investment!

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