Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pasta Miracle

So we spent an evening last month hashing out how to eat even more cheaply because our grocery costs have been exceeding our designated budget line item. One of the cheapest meals around is admittedly pasta: a box of Barilla is about $1.65 and you can find a jar of good sauce for $2.50 - divide that into 2 meals minimum and that's a great deal. But man, we needed some better deals. At our house, we always make pasta sauce from scratch (unless I'm doing lasagna), but convenience dictates that bottled pasta sauce, on some days, is more attractive. So we've been entertaining the idea. But the idea turned into reality when our local grocery store had a $2 deal: 1 bottle of Classico + 1 box of Barilla. We loaded up! Our food storage is now high in lycopene and carbs! We've been having fun doctoring the sauces with peppers and mushrooms from the farmer's market.


Cheryl and William said...

WOW- that's a LOT of pasta! I think that William and I would be so tired of that so I'm so amazed with your cooking skills that you can keep it interesting!

Cindy said...

So many things you can do with pasta!! Parker loves it!