Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Positive Peer Pressure

So although the local mantra is "Keep Austin Weird" (a movement begun to promote locally-owned businesses), it might as well be "Keep Austin Fit". Our home is steps away from the hike and bike trail (voted #3 among the nation's urban hiking trails) surrounding Ladybird Lake. (Yes, that's Ladybird as in Ladybird Johnson. Love it!) Incidentally, this is the same hiking trail that Luke's recruiting professor took him to back in April when they discussed the nitty gritty about the program. At the time it was freezing in Boston, and 70 degrees in Austin; urban jungle in Boston, flora and fauna in Austin...No wonder we ended up here for his PhD!

Luke heads out most mornings for the 3 mile loop; Laurel and I do the same walk several times a week and are proud that we can make it door to door in under an hour.

Yep, those are pictures of the Texas Rowing Center (10 minutes from our house along the trail). Be still my heart! Unfortunately, access for me isn't in our budget these days, but I still salivate over their shells.

So we hope for visitors; bring some sturdy shoes because we'll invite you on a walk while we catch up!

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Heather said...

Wow, totally jealous. I guess being a mile from Lake Michigan isn't bad either, but we have six months of winter coming up so I think you've got us beat there.