Saturday, November 29, 2008


We met friends from Harvard at their parents' home near San Antonio. What a blast! Luke played Risk, I got some girl talk, and everyone had great food - our friend's mom is a great cook! Thanksgiving got even better when at dessert I saw the cake. Cake!!! I LOVE cake!! Turns out that their younger brother's birthday was the previous day, and he wanted to save the cake for Thanksgiving. Nothing like rounding out a platter of pies with something covered in cream cheese frosting. Best idea ever!! I may have to incorporate this as a family tradition and have a "Brian birthday cake" every year.

Check out those vintage metal lunch trays! In this brilliant family tradition, on holidays the boys get to revel in massive amounts of well-organized food - the women prefer to stick with normal tableware.

No, Thanksgiving didn't careen into violence...That's not blood on Luke's sleeve, just cranberry sauce courtesy of Laurel's generosity.

I thought I'd share my cranberry sauce recipe because I LOVE it. I know a lot of people like those cranberry relishes which feature added citrus components (zest etc.), but I just cannot handle diluting my beloved berry dish that much (I'm a cranberry fiend - during the holidays when they go on sale, I stock up - I currently have 6 bags in my freezer and will be adding more by the end of the year.) My recipe is a simple adaptation of the recipe on the back of most bags of cranberries. Boil 1 cup water and 7/8 cup sugar, add the berries and simmer for 10 minutes. Towards the end of the cooking time, add tons of freshly grated ginger to taste. Scrumptious! You may want to up the sugar to decrease the tang, but I love this lip-smacking rendition. I may try it with crystallized ginger one year. Oh, and a recommendation for enjoying these as leftovers: use the extra heavy cream from your pie baking and add a bit to a bowlful of cranberry sauce; this makes for a decadently creamy breakfast.

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Allison said...

That picture doesn't even do justice to how messy Luke's sleeve was! It was so fun to see you guys.