Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy New Year (hey, it's still January, right?)

So this week I made a resolution to take control of my life again. December was absolutely nuts - I got way too stressed about a welfare assignment I was working on for our church congregation, became completely disoriented by being called as the Young Women president, then my mind when spinning off in a billion different directions talking about some life/career changes with my fabulous spouse. Christmas found me flat on my back for almost a week with the flu...My energy bounced back just in time for two wonderfully diverting and gluttonous weeks with houseguests. But man, I have been so frustrated because I felt that I've been reacting to situations instead of affecting actual change.

Bah! Enough of that. I vow to be as effective as this new administration hopes to be. However, I know I'm going to fall off the wagon - one cannot live up to one's ideals all the time - but instead of berating myself for failing, I'm going to recognize that I can easily hop back on track right away.

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