Thursday, February 05, 2009

How organized am I!

Well, not necessarily, but people, I just realized that I have a cleaning system for two of my most overwhelming household tasks. What never ends in a house with kids? Spills on the kitchen floor and the need for clean laundry. I was ruminating on the pioneer household task system (Monday: laundry, Tuesday: ironing, Weds: bread making etc. etc.) and its wisdom.

A few years ago I was reading a time-management book, and it mentioned how many Americans save their chores for the weekend - but they pointed out, "How fun is that?" Isn't the weekend a time for having fun with family and friends? (Course, I can say this b/c I don't own a home which is an enormous task entailing mowing, weeding, pruning...I so am down with apartment life!) Anyway, this book encouraged readers to spend the extra effort during the week so that the weekend could become a more restful experience and help them renew themselves for the rat race.

Interesting idea, huh? Those of you who have ever lived in an apartment and had to use a laundromat: how miserable is it to wake up Saturday morn and realize you need to hustle your buns to the laundry before every other slacker gets there and takes up all the washers and dryers? That thought process precipitates a course of bad and nasty cortisol through your body. Not worth it.

So, my several weeks-old system is that I do laundry on Mondays and Fridays - and I mop my kitchen floor on Mondays and Thursdays. Mopping I can only do at night after Laurel goes to bed, so Thursday is the night since I don't want to spend my Friday night with the Mrs. Meyer's. When spills happen during off days, I spot clean them, and I can live with gunk building up because I know that I am going to definitely get to it, rather than my previous system of having to psyche myself up to clean the floor. If any of you out there have any cleaning systems, I'd love to hear them!


Jana said...

Monday is definitely laundry day. It all piles up over the weekend. I never try to clean anything else on that day, tis my one & only focus. Of course, I already do about a load/day of baby spitup/poo blowout items. I cannot imagine how the pioneer mamas did anything.

AmyMc said...

Every weekday is laundry day in our house. Since Garrison started potty training, I have made a point of washing atleast one load each night. We've been doing this for about 3 weeks now and it hasn't been so bad. As soon as I get home from work, I throw a load in, go fix dinner and right before we all sit down to eat, I toss it in the dryer. Once Garrison gets a little Mommy & Daddy time and the whole bedtime routine is complete. I set out on putting up clothes. Since Curtis and I both work full time, we have found that cleaning as we go works best. I grew up where EVERY Saturday morning we helped clean. Mom always tried to make it fun, but while we were at home cleaning I so wished we could have been doing something else together.

Paige said...

I try to give myself a reward when I'm doint an icky job -- like when I fold laundry, I put in one of my favorite movies. I also find it easier to pump myself up to do housework when I'm tired after work if I turn on and up some good, soul-groovin' music.