Friday, February 20, 2009

The Power of Positive Parenting

I always tell Laurel that she's my beautiful girl, and when I'm speaking to my Young Women, it's often, "okay, beautiful girls...." I just realized during this weekend's visit from my parents where this comes from: my mom! She's always been so consistent with telling us that we're beautiful. Isn't that a great thing? Mom, I love that I'm like you in this way!


mikbeth said...

I've always been grateful that our parents gave us good self esteem. But really, we are gorgeous! :)

Heather said...

That's so funny that you would say this! When T was first born we told her a hundred times a day how beautiful she was. Then I thought "maybe I shouldn't focus so much on how she looks." But I decided quickly that she needed to hear it every day so she would never doubt that her parents thought she was beautiful. So she hears it a lot, and it's true!