Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday dinner

We recently reestablished our Sunday pizza dinner tradition. Why pizza on Sunday? Because you can make the dough Saturday night, shape it when you get home from church, add some toppings, and still have plenty of leftovers for dinner. Plus, it's better than almost any pizza we can get in this town. (Another Matt and Allison note: Salvation Pizza is almost as good as Beauty's in Cambridge.) My favorite toppings: pineapple, mushrooms, and thinly mandolined onions. Luke prefers olives and salami. Needless to say, we each get our own pizza. So I have a few recipes that I cycle through, but I am a bit shame-faced to say that the NY Times propagated no-knead dough recipe is our new favorite. (Why shame-faced? I rather dislike following trends.) But it's good stuff. Check out the recipe and step-by-step instructions at King Arthur Flour
My personal adaptations involve tossing my dough onto a cookie sheet and shaping it, using fingertips covered in extra-virgin olive oil, and I add my toppings before baking the pie. I highly recommend trying this recipe: making a pizza with great toppings isn't hard, but making a pizza with a great tasting crust is often challenging. This dough really delivers!

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Cindy said...

I am definately going to try this recipie. I used to make pizza's all the time when we were first married, but I always used the refirgerated pizza crusts at the store and I don't think they tasted very good. I think the crust is the most imprtant part of the pizza. And, I love pineapple and onions with a little ham.

Thank! I will let you know how it turns out!