Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am a yogurt snob

I really am - something about the womb, I'm sure. (My mom ate tons of yogurt when she was pregnant with me in Bulgaria.) I hate the cheap stuff. How much sugar does the average raspberry non-fat yogurt have in it? More than half the amount of sugar in a Coke. Blech. I'm a plain yogurt girl as a general rule, and was very happy. Until I discovered Greek yogurt in college. Um, has anyone tried Fage's 0%? Good merciful heavens. Creamy goodness, minus the normal plain "tang". Delectable. And with berries mixed in, it's heaven. Some people treat themselves to a pint of ice cream or a candy bar at the grocery store - me, I aim for a 6 oz. yogurt that is more expensive than I'd like. But then, it takes 3 times the amount of milk to make Greek yogurt. I've tried to economize. I've bought run-of-the-mill yogurt and strained it to get the Greek-y consistency. No dice - still not as good as Fage.
But I have to share my latest favorite brand: Siggi's. Icelandic style. Who knew? Siggi's has fruit flavored varieties for less than 7 grams per 6 ounces. I just tried their orange and ginger flavor. Perfection! Whole Foods HQ here in Austin carries the brand, so try your local specialty store. It's a revelation!

Almost-17 Months Portraits


When my parents were in town last month, I asked Oma to bring my cherished Effanbee doll for Laurel. She already had a cloth doll that she happily packed around the house, so I figured she was ready for something more realistic. It is amazing how maternal toddler girls are with dolls! It really speaks to the fact that women and men are born with innate differences. "Butterball" (Mom, why did I name her that, anyway?) is wearing an adorable swimsuit and cap that my mother sewed for her back in the day.

Friday, March 06, 2009

First Day of Work

So I pulled out my business suit for the first time in almost two years yesterday...and my lunch seminar went really well! There were almost 20 people signed up to attend, but only 4 showed, but that's just fine by me because I am paid the same regardless of the number of attendees. (Yes Daddy, they reimburse mileage as well.) Our topic was resiliency - apropos for these economic times, and especially for this international company which has had 11% layoffs with more yet to come. Really, all I did was discuss a few topics and facilitate discussion. Course 29-year old me is such an expert....I contemplated using a light brown pencil to draw in some wrinkles to give me more credibility...Anyway, it was a really good chance for me to play work-life coach (um, that's how I was introduced...fancy!!!). I hope I have the chance to do more of these! Thanks for everyone's support!