Friday, June 05, 2009

The Beach

I had the best state-side vacation of my life when Laurel and I flew out to visit my youngest sister and her husband last week. My cute sister is expecting a baby girl in August, so it was a nice hurrah before the Tammen girls all become mommies. What a great trip - I love the ocean, and Laurel wasn't scared of it a bit. And she basked in all the attention. And wow did I pig out! Pastries, donuts, nachos, burritos, crab cakes, mahi mahi, frozen yogurt, In-n-Out burger and fries (animal style of course!)...Back to a much more restricted diet this week!


Cheryl and William said...

YUM- those pastries look delicious! And that is one of the best parts about living in Cali is In-n-Out so I'm glad that you were able to partake :-)

Reianna said...

What a fun trip! Things like Zoo's are so different when you take your kids! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

anna said...

How fun! I am glad Laurel liked the beach. You know, Houston is not too far from the beach - you are more than welcome to come and we'll go down someday. Although it is not as pretty as San Diego :)

I am so jealous of all your eating adventures as well. I really, really want an In-n-out burger right now, and fries. Yummy. Oh, and frozen yogurt. I have craved that everyday of my pregnancy and yet, Houston (at least close to us) is sadly missing any frozen yogurt. Someone seriously needs to open a Golden Spoon here or something. Although my budget, and the scales would not be very happy about it.

How fun that you and your sister will have kids so close in age.