Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Couple of Tarts

Our friends the Vandenbees are in town this summer and they just celebrated their 2 year anniversary. Congrats! Well, the Mister gave his sweetie a cooking class at Whole Foods World HQ's Culinary Center - and he oh so generously invited me along so that we could have some girl time. (Thank you thank you thank you!)

We had a blast - and yes, this is actually the very first time I've made a classical fruit tart. I confess it's always intimidated me - I'm more of a rustic crostada girl. But I'm such a convert - love that the dough is easier to work with than pie dough. I'm plotting ways to add a nice chocolate ganache layer to my next creation. (It was like Oprah in that we got to take home the tart pan - you should have seen the look on Luke's face when I walked in the door with this!)


Lianne Barr said...

love that, i bet it was great!

anna said...

I am not sure if I am more jealous about:
you and the Vandenbergs hanging out,
taking a cooking class at Whole Foods!
or that tart. yum!

How fun!