Sunday, June 14, 2009

Future Architect

L & L clapping in celebration of their masterpiece!


Sarah said...

So fun. Congrats on the torte! I wish I were in Texas this summer with you too!
On that note.. there is a new guy in our ward who looks just like Luke. I think I have fallen for it 3 times and have found myself disappointed at a second glance when I realize that you guys aren't visiting for the weekend.
Give the future architect hugs for us.

Amanda said...

Legos are one of Joseph and Emily's favorite pastimes too. Must be a daddy-daughter thing. I love to see it though!
PS - I hope you're not freaked out that I found your blog and am now commenting on it. I feel a little more comfortable coming out from the blog-stalking abyss after our long, humid walk with the two little girls on Wednesday.

Chelsi Ritter said...

wow amanda i saw that photo of your sister and thought you were on baby #2! she looks so much like you. also, i'm a huge fan of the chocolate hostess cupcakes. there's just nothing like them!