Saturday, June 20, 2009


For her birthday, the husband of one of my friends gave her the fly-est gift ever! A stay in a hotel room ALL BY HERSELF!! I have no kidding thought of this as the ultimate in gifts since I was sharing a house with roommates after college. I mean really! A cushy bed that you don't have to make, time to read whatever book you want to read whenever you want, a spotless bathroom that you didn't clean yourself, a television that you can choose to watch or not watch, light-blocking drapes that give you the best shuteye ever. Seriously! And for a mom, the gift of being completely alone!! Luke doesn't quite get the appeal, but ladies out there, I know I'm not the only one who thinks of this as the ultimate in pampering!


Jana said...

I have to say that being completely alone would be a lil too creepy for me.

But a church friend who has 13 children would do something very similar that I thought sounded so wonderful:

After a new lil one was born, just mom & the baby would spend a few days alone together in a nearby hotel. Nothing but snuggling in the bed & nursing. Now THAT sounds sweet. Too bad it's not in the budget for us this time. Maybe our 13th. ;)

Ben and Leslie Evans said...

Amanda!!! I knew you had a blog, then I forgot, and now I just stumbled across it again. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a thank you card for your sweet, sweet present and I've missplaced your address. Would you mind emailing me with it?? My email is Your family is adorable and I'm so excite to have stumbled on your blog again!!! Love you!!!!!!