Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to the Old Stomping Grounds

Luke had to speak at the Kennedy School on Thursday, as well as network with some regional businesses, so Laurel and I of course tagged along to see old friends. Laurel was ecstatic at the number of babies whose toes she was able to pull. And I was glad to see that she wasn't too much of a bully, besides removing and inserting Lillie's pacifier for her over and over again.
The 2nd best thing about our trip was the food, naturally. I grabbed a burger at Mr. Bartley's with my favorite HLS colleague, while Laurel danced with the waitresses. And I picked up Lakota Bakery cookies from Cardullo's. And on our way out of town we swung by Basta Pasta for homemade fusilli, eggplant parm, and chicken cacciatore.
It was so poignant to walk the streets of Cambridge with a toddler holding my hand, remembering how I used to hustle her down the same roads while she was wrapped up in the stroller. My beautiful baby has turned into such a delightful toddler, and I'm such a lucky mommy!

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Heather said...

Bartley's and Basta Pasta - good times. I loved my trip back last fall.

Congratulations on number two! Keep us posted.