Sunday, September 06, 2009

Getting Picked Up...In a Bakery, No Less!

I was doing some price-comparisons at the local bakeries earlier this week in preparation for the Farmer's Market, and was ensconsed at our Portuguese bakery with some delectable cupcakes and tarts. Labor Day weekend is a huge holiday for the big Portuguese population (Boas Festas). Another patron heard me asking about the festival, and she gave me some pointers, and then said, "Hey, this might be weird, but I'm having a bunch of friends over on Friday night for some Portuguese food, and you're welcome to come." Once I found out that it was just going to be girls + good food, I was so in.
Portuguese food! Anyone seen/read "Silence of the Lambs"? Let me tell you, Hannibal Lecter had it going on when he was eating favish: baked fava beans with fabulous spices. I'm such a convert!
The whole gathering was so surreal - reminded me of our days in Utah - there were 4 elected officals there, including a candidate for U.S. Congress. And so rad that they were all women!


Paige said...

Ah, Amanda, I'm so jealous of the cool people who get to hang out with you in RI. I'm not surprised in the least that you got "picked up" by a stranger. And your farmer's market table: !!! I can't wait to get together and catch up -- is there some kind of apple-picking farm halfway between Cambridge and West Warwick Sarah and I can meet you at?

Chelsi Ritter said...

i'm so glad you guys are enjoying all the diverse food and fun out there in r.i. i miss the farmers markets, etc. congrats on the baby!!! that's so awesome!

Cindy said...

I did see Silence of the lambs and when you mentioned hannibal lecture eating...all I could think about was not food related....

I will take your word for it!! You seem to have a good knack for that kind of stuff anyway!

Is the beach by your house? what a fun day to spend the holiday!