Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hot Wings

I've never eaten them. In fact, I avoided them; I always thought they looked disgusting. But I've repented.
One of our grocery stores has a bulk-meat deal - so we bought 25 pounds of poultry for cheap! It was an assortment of cuts, including 2 pounds of wings. I asked the butcher what I should do with wings, never having been in a fraternity myself, and he said just dump them in the crockpot with some hot wing sauce and cook for a couple of hours. I was pretty skeptical, but with the addition of Trader Joe's blue cheese dressing, I definitely see the appeal. Granted, it was the fattiest meal our family has ever eaten, but it was really good - fabulous flavor contrasts and it was fun sucking the meat off the bones! Laurel loved the hot sauce.

A note in my crock-pot cookbook (Thank you, Matt and Allison!) said that if you had leftovers, to put them over pasta. Luke whipped up some farfalle on Sunday with some additional chicken and used the hot wing sauce, blue cheese dressing, and some chicken broth to make a sauce and folks: these were some good eats! I wouldn't have pegged it as leftover hot wing sauce - it had the same kick as a good arrabiata sauce, and a lovely perfume of blue cheese. This was a restaurant quality entree. Let me know if any of you try this!


Kaplans R Us said...

If you run into some chicken wings again I have another idea for you :).

Steam the wings for about 15 min, and then transfer them to the oven to bake at 420 for about 35-45 min ( or until they reach the crispyness you want.) toss in whatever sauce you like and enjoy! its a whole new world! I love wings with celery and carrots.

Allison said...

That sounds so good! I'm glad the crock pot is working out for you. Matt is a huge, huge wings fan and I've never been brave enough to try them. I hope you didn't have heartburn afterwards! And I need to explore our grocery stores for good deals like that ...