Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Perfect Saturday

As we had Priesthood Preview on Sunday, I was tasked with making the dessert, so Laurel and I made some intense dark chocolate cookies, decorated with candy corns. She was a big help! (...except when she'd put a candy corn in her mouth, and I'd tell her, "no, those go on the cookies", and then she'd proceed to put the sticky piece of candy on a cookie... I promise I tried to separate those cookies out!)
Luke was thrilled when I suggested heading to a hiking trail in Coventry where Laurel was a fan of all the "big rocks". We wore her out but good, eating oranges and carrots on our tailgate at 5:30pm when we made it back to the car. Our late outing meant I was late getting dinner on the table. It took some time to simmer my pasta sauce (finely diced carrots,celery, and onions with tomatoes - wow it was perfection if I do say so myself!), so while waiting we served Laurel first. I improvised and mixed her penne with mascarpone. That's the most sophisticated mac and cheese I've ever tasted! She devoured it!

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mikbeth said...

I love that picture of Laurel sitting on the step. aDORable! She is getting so big!