Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why do I have a picture of a couch on our blog?

We've always packed as light as possible during our moves, which means at each new home I have to find a couch. A task that is unrewarding and depressing - because used couches are ugly and new couches in our price range are ugly and more expensive than their micro-suede is worth. I spent three weeks in both Austin and RI trying to find couches - it took over the bulk of my days, bustling Laurel from one furniture store to another. So tedious!
This may sound dumb, but I am confident that the Lord looks out for the things that are important to us, even if they are couches. In Austin, I left Laurel home with Luke one Saturday morning and told the Lord that I needed to come home with a couch. And the third consignment store I visited I was able to find what I needed.
In RI, my divine inspiration struck at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, when I felt like I really needed to visit this consignment shop in the next town over, even though I knew I would hit rush hour traffic coming and going. Lo and behold, I walked in, saw this hidden in the corner, plunked down my $150 and left in 10 minutes. They delivered it the next week, and the owner told me that people came in all weekend and were crushed at seeing its "Sold" sign. It's so comfortable, and quite attractive in its greigey goodness. Seriously, the Lord answers prayers - even those that seem trivial to the rest of the world!

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Kaplans R Us said...

I love your couch! :) Its a lot like ours. The bigger the pillows the better! Mazel Tov! HAHA