Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Laurel and Willy

It is so hard to get video of Laurel - she does all kinds of crazy things, but when the camera is out she stops. This is about three seconds of dancing (without her usual costume) followed up with a 2 year old whine. Oh well. Background music is from Willy Nelson's album last year. Love it! As he's from Austin, our local public radio station played it nonstop. And my neighbor here in RI said that he opened for the Dave Matthews Band and that all of 10 people clapped. For shame!


Man, I love the ocean! And although my sister's family lives right on it in California, they were excited to get a glimpse of our New England rocky shores. We had a great time on the beautiful Cliff Walk in Newport. Can you imagine living in a town where this could be the site of your daily walk?!!

It's a Boy

It was such fun to bring our little girl with us to find out baby's gender. She is very proud of the fact that she will be a big sister to her "baby bwa-thuh", and Luke is excited to have both a daughter and a son. I'm a bit nervous, having no experience with brothers, but I am excited to make use of all the baby boy clothes I've scavenged over the past three years from graduate housing give-away piles!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dancing Outfit

Laurel likes to help me cook, and insists on wearing her adorable apron. After baking on Sunday, Luke and she read some books - before she'd removed her apron. She really loved looking at the rainbow on one of the pages so Luke played her some songs about rainbows. When the music came on she ran into her room and grabbed her "dancing outfit" that Grandma had sent. Oh my!

Much Better!



Monday, October 12, 2009

Duck Race

One of the local low-income healthcare providers has an annual Duck Race to raise money. They release thousands of rubber ducks (bought at $5 a piece by community members) over the falls of the Pawtuxet River and the first 20 ducks receive small monetary prizes. We knew local vendors would be selling overpriced burgers, so we packed pb&j for Laurel, gardenburgers for Luke and I, and ate along the scenic Riverwalk. So fun!


We took Cristie down to Newport to check out the coast and the Gilded Age Mansions. She and I toured the 65,000 square foot Vanderbilt Mansion while Luke took Laurel on the sea walk. (Priceless antiques + toddler = insanity). The marble and platinum were impressive, but of course I found the kitchen and the butler's pantry to be the most fascinating. And Cristie and I swooned over the simple linen bedding in the bedrooms. As it was Conference Saturday, we busted through the mansion's audio tour in an hour, walked through the pouring rain, and dragged our bedraggled selves into Cafe Zelda for the best clam chowder I've EVER eaten. Who says you can't do Newport in 2 hours?

Two Peas in a Pod

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quote Seen at Li'il Rhody Ice Cream Stand

Attention teenagers:
If you are tired of being harassed
by unreasonable parents,
now is the time for action.
Leave home and pay your own way
while you still know everything!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Discovering Dessert

After eating the best fried fish in Rhode Island, we really needed something refreshing, so we went to our local ice cream stand. Driving home, Laurel busted out into the biggest, seemingly spontaneous belly laughs. Turns out that grandma had been feeding her little spoonfuls of chocolate-almond goodness. We never have ice cream at our house, and Laurel loves filching dark chocolate from the "mommy and daddy" stash - I think the combo of chocolate and ice cream texture rocked her little world!

Pregnancy Reality Check

I haven't been keeping track of this 2nd pregnancy like my last. With grandma in town, I figured I ought to know what week I'm in. I'm only organized enough these days to keep track of it in my planner, not in my head. I'm a few days beyond 16 weeks. After noting this, I sat down on the couch next to Luke's mom, then had to get up a few minutes later, and as I gathered the energy to launch myself off the couch, I groaned, looked over at Cristie, and said, "Man, I'm just over the halfway point and I already feel awful."
She gave me the weirdest look and then I shouted, "Oh no - pregnancy isn't 30 weeks, it's 40 weeks!"

Friday, October 02, 2009

Fall Flings

We've loved sharing our beautiful New England fall with Luke's mom during her visit. Our best day so far was a morning spent hunting down an apple variety that I had tried at church. It ended up only being sold at a farm stand thirty minutes north of us. Anyone else tried a Mutsu? A cross between a Golden Delicious and a Granny Smith - soooo goood! We followed my pilgrimage with a trip to a pick-your-own orchard so that Laurel could see where apples really come from. And this girl loves her apples! She was given a free apple at our first stop and she munched it all the way through to our next destination, then kept asking for more apples to eat.
Oh, my little girl is getting so big!! So many words and sentences and enthusiasm - being a parent is such fun!

Date Day

Man, temple trips as a couple as the parents of little one(s) are so rare and precious, aren't they?? And free babysitting is the best; Luke's mom is in town so Laurel and she had some good bonding time while we made our morning trip. Our town in RI is approximately 90 minutes away, but people - no one gets into Boston in that amount of time unless you leave at 5:30am - which we did, but Luke suggested taking the back way to Belmont, MA and it was such a lovely drive! Two hours through picturesque New England towns. One of the local churches was celebrating its founding in 1685! Love the ancientness of it all! It was fun to be back in the Boston Temple, recognizing temple workers from our tour of duty during the grad school years. It is a lovely temple, but oh man, every Celestial Room since San Antonio looks pretty spare.