Friday, October 02, 2009

Date Day

Man, temple trips as a couple as the parents of little one(s) are so rare and precious, aren't they?? And free babysitting is the best; Luke's mom is in town so Laurel and she had some good bonding time while we made our morning trip. Our town in RI is approximately 90 minutes away, but people - no one gets into Boston in that amount of time unless you leave at 5:30am - which we did, but Luke suggested taking the back way to Belmont, MA and it was such a lovely drive! Two hours through picturesque New England towns. One of the local churches was celebrating its founding in 1685! Love the ancientness of it all! It was fun to be back in the Boston Temple, recognizing temple workers from our tour of duty during the grad school years. It is a lovely temple, but oh man, every Celestial Room since San Antonio looks pretty spare.

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Cheryl and William said...

I SO miss New England in the fall and all of the adorable towns!! I definitely need to go to the San Antonio temple if it is that amazing!