Sunday, November 22, 2009


Laurel and I spend quite a few hours a month with another mom and her two and a half year old son since both our husbands have standing early morning meetings three out of four Sundays. One morning we were hanging out in the nursery, reading the kids books, and I was amazed at her son's recognition of his ABC's. She loaned us this DVD and Laurel has been watching it 6 days a week for the past three weeks and wow is she getting good!
After naps yesterday I had the box of Goldfish crackers on the table and she started (completely unprompted) pointing out letters "This is G" "This is O" "This is L" etc. She has troubles with her ds and ps but it's been remarkable to see her letter recognition. For any other toddler mommies out there, I highly recommend this product!


Cindy said...

I will have to check this DVD out. I have been trying to work on letters with Parker, but he does not seem to remember them very good. Maybe this will help!

Lianne Barr said...

that is so good! Another great video for letter sounds is the leapfrog "letter factory", Clara knew all the letter sounds at 18 months!