Sunday, November 22, 2009

Toddler Scripture Study

An oxymoron, right? Well, I thought I'd toss out what has been working for us. (Course with a toddler, that means it will probably stop working tonight and then we'll have to try some new tactic!)
We often base what we "study" as a family on what Laurel learned in nursery the prior week. For example, one Sunday they focused on temples, so we did our FHE lesson on when Jesus went to the temple to teach about Heavenly Father and his mommy and daddy came to find him. All concepts that she could grasp. Then for the rest of the week we just retold the story each night - little ones love repetition and she really loved hearing about Jesus and the temple each night.
It takes a bit of work to think of stories that she can grasp. We did Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem "a big city" last night, and today Luke's talking about the angel giving Alma a time-out and that Alma talked to Jesus and became a nice man.
Any other fabulous ideas out there? A parent needs all the help they can get!


The Thorley Family said...

Our kids are a little bit older, but we use the pictures from the gospel art kit. Each Sunday we pull out a new picture and every day during the week we tell a little bit more of the story while reviewing the parts we already talked about. The kids love having something to look at while we "read" (one of us reads and they repeat what we say) the scripture.

Petertammenson said...

Awesome Michelle, thanks for the idea!

daddy said...

Perhaps the temptation o fChrist by satan in an easier to understand way. "A bad man wanted Jesue to -----. Jesus knew it was wrong so he wouldn't do it. Could be tied into obeying around the house, being helpful with the new baby, listening to mommy and daddy, anything that would relate to little lives. Love you all.

Allison said...

Matt and I loved the "time out" part of the Alma story - great ideas to file away for later.

Hope you have a great Thankgiving! My mom and I are definitely adding ginger to the cranberry sauce this year - thanks for the idea!

mikbeth said...

Lydia is 4 and this works pretty neat. We have little things we do when we hear a word in the scriptures. Moroni, we touch our ear. Lamanites, we touch our nose. Etc. Lydia likes coming up with ideas too. Yesterday she said "when we hear 'God' let's touch our neck. Just little things that help her want to listen.

Cindy said...

You are awesome. I am going to try this on my toddler. Always trying to thik of ways to teach him the gospel...a way he will remember. i love the repetition!!