Sunday, December 06, 2009


Well, hope that everyone else had a great Thanksgiving; we were battling swine flu at our house, so didn't get around to celebrating until a few days later. We learned several things over our sick break:
1. If the parents are sick and can't do anything more than sit on the couch, a sure-fire way to entertain the 2 year old is watching "The National Dog Show" on Hulu. "Puppies! Big puppy! Puppy walking" etc. etc.
2. The best pumpkin pie recipe is by Dorie Greenspan. Make it a day ahead, and it yields a tart as recommended. Or it makes 2 very shallow pumpkin pies or one outrageously full pie pan with leftover filling (the leftovers fill a few small ramekins that are great for snacking). This pie is best eaten the day after being baked.
3. The King Arthur pecan chocolate pie really is crazy good, and does taste more like a fabulous cookie than the traditional pie. Bake the day before, and don't waste your time making a pie crust for this - just dump the filling in a pie plate and enjoy. Must be completely cool!

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Yogurl and Manburger said...

Hey, where are the pictures? It's not fair keeping your family's cuteness all to yourself, please share!!!